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Google’s Most Searched For Cocktails & Beers In 2016

“It should come as no surprise that we Americans are quite fond of drinks. It turns out we also like to read about them on the internet. Whether we’re looking for a recipe, or we simply want to learn more about our favorite libations, we turn to Google to provide the answer — and Google stores the […]

Contract Brewers Discover the Growing Importance of Brick & Mortar

“When 21st Amendment broke ground on its brick-and-mortar brewery, it did so with the help of bank loans from Union Bank and available cash flow. Ultimately, he said, the decision to back away from contract brewing again came down to margin. “We get up to 10 improved margin points by brewing at our own facility […]

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Branding Expert: Why We’re Seeing The Rise Of The Craft Brand

“Retailers held the power for decades, but structural changes to the ways consumers buy and sell are bringing more craft brands to prominence. E-commerce means brands can connect directly to their customers and complete the sale, no retailer required. With the rise of decentralization, brands and retailers are now in a fight over where consumers […]

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You’ll be drinking brewers’ ‘safe’ craft beer in 2017

“They also seem to want a little more value for their dollar, which led to a bit of an identity crisis for the folks at Manhattan, Kansas-based Tallgrass Brewing Co. Long built around 16-ounce cans with flashy graphic illustrations, Tallgrass has informed drinkers that it’s going to be transitioning its entire line to 12-ounce cans. […]

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How to Sell Beer in 2017

“However, what makes the situation unique to the beer industry is the fact that we’re dealing with an experiential good. You have to drink the beer to understand whether you like it or not and form your subjective opinion. By starting with an experience a consumer already knows, these companies are, presumably, already getting a […]

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The Starbucksification of craft beer bars

“Starbucks is on my mind as I contemplate what appears to be a growing international phenomenon: craft beer bar chains. AB InBev announced its plans to launch a chain of Goose Island pubs in Europe, starting in London before the end of this year. Next comes Brussels, capital of the country from which InBev launched […]

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Addressing Diversity in Beer: A Q&A with Julia Herz

“We’ve seen a lot of good evolution in beer and frankly, in diversity, over the years, but in certain arenas, we weren’t able to talk definitively to the data of where the community lies. We’ve seen different data points on, but the 2015 Yankelovich MONITOR survey was an expansive series of slides that I […]

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Is Craft Beer Still Too White?

“But the diversification of craft beer hasn’t been only on the production end of things. Nor has the pressure to diversify come exclusively from media outlets. Like all businesses, for craft beer to grow, it has to diversify its consumer base, and to that end, breweries are beginning to steer away from the stereotypical image […]

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Calculating for the Future: Can Breweries Provide More STEM Jobs for Women?

“Beer-specific schools and programs also see a mixed bag. At the Siebel Institute in Chicago, administrators note that about 10 percent of its web-based “Concise Course in Brewing Technology” class is female, a number that’s been consistent for a decade. Oregon State University’s fermentation science program has 17 percent female undergraduate enrollment while at Metropolitan […]

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Merger Mania Is Coming To Beer Sales. Will It Restrict Your Freedom Of Choice?

“In line with my bet for last year’s word, “consolidation,” the pace of U.S. brewery mergers accelerated in 2015 to rates we hadn’t seen since the 1990s or further back to the great brewery contraction of the mid-20th century. 2015’s consolidation craze overflowed into 2016 and morphed into new forms of merger and acquisition activity […]

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The Real Reason It Feels Tragic When Your Favorite Brand ‘Sells Out’

“Consider the market for craft beer. According to a Business Insider article, “American craft brewers have been the most spectacular economic success story since the Financial Crisis.” Year after year, these businesses have booked double-digit sales gains, including nearly 13% last year. That kind of growth is hard to ignore for a multinational conglomerate, whose domestic […]

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Embracing Diversity in the Beer Biz

“One element of the definition of diversity is “variety.” Craft brewers have mastered variety in brand offerings, styles of beer made, brewery taprooms, brewpub menus, beer labels, and more. However, especially of late, I’ve found myself fumbling through cringe-worthy interviews on the topic of diversity that have left me lacking confidence in speaking to the […]

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