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Oklahoma’s New Beer & Wine Sales Law Faces Opposition

“A group of liquor stores in the state are challenging a pending move to allow the sale of wine and full-strength beer sales in convenience and grocery stores. Voters in the general election in November approved the ballot measure, known as State Question 792 (SQ 792), marking the first time Oklahoma’s liquor laws have been […]

FDA and Brewers Association hash out menu labeling details

“The government has actually been quite patient — especially when working with the beer industry to help ease the burden of providing this info, pushing back deadlines. For one, this could create a reporting problem for small breweries that don’t lab test each beer. Plus, there is variation from batch to batch. How will that […]

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Fixed pricing on liquor, wine ending in Pennsylvania

“Now the PLCB can better negotiate the wholesale purchase price for the bottles on its shelves, and if it secures a reduction in cost, it can keep the difference instead of turning it over to the state, the Inquirer reports. The agency maintains it must follow the goals set by Gov. Tom Wolf and other […]

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Booze bill would benefit craft distillers (Florida)

“The bill (SB 166), filed by Republican state Sen. Greg Steube of Sarasota, would change state law to craft distillers’ benefit. He filed similar legislation when he was a House member. One proposal expands how much booze they can produce and still be considered “craft,” raising the limit from 75,000 gallons per year to 250,000 gallons. The bill reduces distilleries’ state […]

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Shmaltz Brewing sued over a ‘menage a trois’ misunderstanding

“As silly as it may seem, this is how trademark law works. Craft breweries need to be cognizant not just of other craft beer names, but of other beverages or restaurants that could cause reasonable confusion. (We are being overly simplistic here — if you want more in-depth info on this topic, be sure to hit […]

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The Secret Sauce: Protecting Brewing Recipes and Processes – The Role of Employee Agreements

“Perhaps the most basic level of protection is a non-disclosure agreement. This type of agreement typically prohibits an employee from using or disclosing an employer’s confidential and proprietary information at any time (whether during or after the employment relationship) for purposes other than work for the employer. In the absence of a non-disclosure agreement, an […]

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Pennsylvania’s Big Year of Beverage Alcohol Rule Reform

“Perhaps the most notable change that HB 1196 affects what beer distribution stores may sell. In Pennsylvania, beer is sold for off-site consumption by restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores, and by beer distributors. However, it is beer distributors who serve as the main source for off-site beer sales in Pennsylvania, and generally have a […]

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Oklahoma Liquor Group Planning A Court Challenge To State Question 792

“The Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma is finalizing legal action it promised to take after the passage of State Question 792 in November. The ballot initiative would change the state’s laws to allow wine and cold beer to be sold in grocery and convenience stores, starting in 2018. The Retail Liquor Association’s attorney Ann Gervais […]

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Franchise Laws—Chronic Injustice in the Alcohol Business

“Among those harmed by this distributors illegal actions was Shelton Brothers, whose products were shoved to the side while Craft Brewers Guild pushed other products—illegally. Shelton Brothers has sued the Craft Brewers Guild for “overpricing its products and intentionally allowing them to languish on shelves while aggressively pushing beers from preferred suppliers.” At this point, […]

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Lawsuit Alleges Buffalo Trace Deliberately Mislabeled Old Charter

“The filing even includes photos showing how closely the label of the no age statement (NAS) Old Charter resembles the age-stated product, as well as photos of Old Charter 10 year old and 8 year old labels. Perhaps most crucially, the suit alleges that the quality of Old Charter has declined since the change to […]

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Diageo settles Stitzel-Weller trademark lawsuit

“Allied Lomar started legal action against Diageo in 2015, arguing that the group’s Blade and Bow Bourbon brand and other products citing the Stitzel-Weller name breached trademark law. Allied said it first registered the Stitzel trademark for distilled spirits in 2004, adding that some distributors are refusing to sell its Stitzel-branded products due to the […]

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Pennsylvania beer laws change for the better, but one provision could hurt small distributors

“So, it’s been exciting for folks to watch Governor Tom Wolf over the last two years work hard with Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to modernize the sale of liquor, wine and beer in Pennsylvania in order to bring the commonwealth’s booze system into the 21st century. On Nov. 15, Wolf continued his […]

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