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Cocktails have transformed from drinks into aphrodisiac experiences

“This is a delightfully gender-neutral exercise. My (male) date that night was given a rose-petal flute called a Red Queen (gin, sour cherry, clove, orange, champagne) while I was presumed to want a more austere White Queen (gin, lemongrass, lychee, lemon and champagne). Then I was “matched”, Bumble-like, with more drinks. My Tanqueray with lemon […]

Your weird, old beer style of the day: Kvass

“Historians seem to agree on a few things, however: Kvass is low-ABV (usually around 2%), acidic (thanks to fermentation by lactic acid-producing bacteria) and is made with rye bread or flour (though combinations of wheat, sourdough and brewing grains are common today). Sometimes, adjuncts such as mint or fruits like lemons, raisins or strawberries are […]

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Beery Books for Christmas

“This is a book to lose yourself in, to wander back and forth through, to put down briefly and take a sip of something dark and rich while you ponder. It’s themed in sections: The Taste of Beer, Beer in Pubs, Beer People, Brewing, Beer Journeys, Beer and Food and The Meaning of Beer. It reminds you of what […]

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Holiday Drinking – How to Pace like a Pro

“What almost all of them have in common, however, is a high alcohol content, so proceed with caution. For the sake of pacing, consider adding some sessionable alternatives to the wintery mix, like Bell’s Christmas Ale or Anchor’s Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (both around 5.5% ABV). Of course, if you go off theme […]

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New Norfolk brewer uses Virginia ocean water in resurrected beer style

“Gose is a style usually categorized in the beer world as “other,” O’Keefe said, because it’s so uncommon. Tennant is not the first to make the salty beer with ocean water. Er Boqueron, a beer made with Mediterranean Sea water, hit the market a few years ago. Aloha Beer Co. created a limited-release brew with […]

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The Pink-Hued Appeal of Hibiscus Beer

“Though most commonly incorporated into saisons and goses, hibiscus shows up in other styles, too. Boston’s Night Shift brews an IPA called JoJo with hibiscus while The Veil Brewing in Richmond, Va. has a hibiscus-grapefruit Session IPA called #ladybroz. Stone recently made a one-off Belgian Strong Ale called Hibiscusicity and Queens’ SingleCut brew a tart lager with […]

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The Wonderful, Unexpected, Diverse World of Lagers

“Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: the most famous lagers in the world are pretty boring affairs. You know the ones I mean: thin, adjunct-laden, flavor-limited beers (think American or international pale lagers). Those aren’t the lagers you’re looking for, and their ubiquity by volume doesn’t translate to a particular tendency for […]

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Why It’s Time to Reconsider the Pilsner

““It’s hard to brew a subtle beer that comes across as tasty, complex and ripe with texture,” says Suarez. That is why he strictly brews unfiltered pilsners; filtering, he says, strips out not just yeast and proteins, but also the beautiful flavors and aromas. “It’s true what some people say: there aren’t any strong flavors […]

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The Bad, the Weird, and the Ugly: Whiskey’s Wildest Tasting Notes

““Cardboard shavings. Not nice sweet cardboard – old UHaul dirty cardboard.”” Read more here: The Bad, the Weird, and the Ugly: Whiskey’s Wildest Tasting Notes

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A Brief History Of Eggnog: Its Past Is Stranger Than You Think

“Nobody seems to know the exact origins of eggnog, but it originated in England centuries ago. According to a food blog (which now appears to be defunct), written by Frederick Douglass Opie, a food history professor at Babson College, it originally was a wintertime drink for the British aristocracy. The name evidently came from two […]

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Examining the Value of ‘Best’ Beer: BeerGraphs

“We saw many of the hop-forward beers in the previous list above, but I do find the collection of Bourbon County brands representing all imperial stouts interesting. This differs from Beer Advocate’s list, which includes breweries like Tree House (of course), Founders, Funky Buddha and more, which points toward the broader user base of Untappd and […]

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Washing Down the First Thanksgiving

“The general disdain for water that the British had was cultural. In England, only the poorest of people drank water. Even middle class workers could afford beer, cider, or at the very least milk and tea. People that could afford beer drank it because it was safer than the water, especially in cities. This was […]

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