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6 beverage innovation highlights of 2016

“It’s easy to be cynical about the term ‘innovation’ – a buzzword used by marketers in the hope of attracting attention in a crowded marketplace. But here we take a look at some of the products and projects from the beverage world in 2016 that we think have a true claim to the title.” Read […]

Won’t A.I. Beer Inevitably Result in Bud Light?

“I am surprised no one pointed out the three fatal flaws behind the rationale for this project, though. My guess is most brewers would have seen it immediately. First, incorporating feedback into recipes is what breweries do. Markets function as far more effective algorithms than a consequence-free thirteen seconds tapping buttons on a smart phone. […]

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Your Next Beer Might Be Made by Artificial Intelligence

“Now a small startup is attempting to add its own twist to London’s beer-making tradition. The company, IntelligentX, has invented a beer-recipe algorithm that determines the amount of hops, water, yeast and grain that should go into each beer. Four styles have been made and each version is adjusted by the algorithm based on customer […]

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United Spirits unveils bartender chatbot

“USL, a subsidiary of British beverage company Diageo Plc, will officially launch the chatbot at an event later this week in Bengaluru. The bot, which has around 300 recipes in store right now, will offer more than 2,000 recipes over time. “There are a million searches which happen on cocktail recipes—how to make mojitos for […]

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This Beer Vibrator Will Give Your Brew Head

“The slightly NSFW device was the subject of a recent viral marketing video by Third Leg Studios, which skewers the snobbiest of beer snobs. In the clip, a particularly ardent beer bro sabotages his date by launching into a detailed explanation of the Ultrabeer’s merits. “A lot of the aroma actually comes from the beer’s […]

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Budweiser ‘smart’ beer fridge encourages drinking on the job

“The Bud-E Fridge was created in partnership with IoT company Buzz Digital. As such, it’s internet-connected. It holds as many as 180 cold ones at a time, and when the fridge gets low, it calls in the backup by contacting your local Bud delivery service and ordering reinforcements. The fridges are available in six designs […]

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Why Holiday Retail Thrives with Technology and Experiences

“Technology has become a part of shopping just as it is has become a part of every other aspect of our daily lives.  We rely heavily on our tablets, our smart phones and even our vehicle navigation systems. And now consumers use technology to research products, look for promotions and Snapchat images to their friends […]

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This beer tap fills from the bottom up and it won’t foam over (video)

“It works with a custom cup that has a metal rimmed hole at the bottom which is sealed by a magnet.  When placed on the dispenser the nozzle lifts the magnet and the cup fills to a pre-programmed amount. “ Read/watch more here: This beer tap fills from the bottom up and it won’t foam […]

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DraughtMaster ‘a step-change’ for UK on-trade

“The compact dispenser gives restaurants or casual dining venues with limited space the chance to stock premium lager and craft beer of a consistently high quality, Carlsberg says. DraughtMaster requires only water, a power supply, drainage and space for installation, usually within the bar or drinks service area. Designed and refined by Carlsberg over a period of […]

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Amcor unveils anti-counterfeit smart capsule

“Named InTact, the bottle overcap contains a microchip which, using Selinko mobile application platform, can be read by any NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphone or device to verify the authenticity of a bottle.” Read more here: Amcor unveils anti-counterfeit smart capsule

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Stora Enso expands RFID technology across wine, food and dairy markets

“Stora Enso is continuing to expand its intelligent packaging (IP) technology across the wine, food and dairy market sectors, working with brand owners and customers to help them to understand what are the capabilities of IP and how to make money using it.” Read more here: Stora Enso expands RFID technology across wine, food and […]

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Thinfilm partners with Hopsy to integrate NFC tags on its craft beer

“Thinfilm has partnered with Hopsy to integrate its NFC (Near-Field Communication) OpenSense technology onto its locally produced craft beers across the US.” Read more here: Thinfilm partners with Hopsy to integrate NFC tags on its craft beer

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