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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data Suggests Improved Brewery Safety

“The brewing industry, which saw its rate of cases jump up to 5.3 in 2014, fell back below the ten-year average (4.2) to 3.9 cases per 100,000 hours worked in 2015. “We are encouraged by the latest BLS injury data for breweries,” said Paul Gatza, director at the Brewers Association. “The Brewers Association urges all […]

Technical Committees Boost Resources for Breweries in 2016

“In 2016, the Brewers Association Technical Committee and technical subcommittees addressed many issues and developed a wide range of resources. The projects outlined here do not constitute a comprehensive list, but do represent a robust overview of how the technical department is working to ensure the future success of craft breweries.” Read more here: Technical […]

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How To Get A Career In Beer

“So what’s a Cicerone? Many people know the word sommelier, but fewer have heard of a Cicerone. Just as sommeliers are seen to be wine experts, Cicerones are well versed in everything beer. It would be inaccurate, however, to say that Cicerones are like “sommeliers of beer.” The two titles are not equivalent: Cicerone is […]

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VicinityBrew integrates with supply chain tech company to improve forecasting

““Many beverage companies today are reliant on best guess forecasting or using spreadsheets that require manual processing and are error-prone,” said Keith Peterson, CEO of Halo. “This is especially difficult in fast growth markets like craft, where new SKUs and flavors are a constant.” SkuBrain uses machine learning techniques to recommend the best forecast for […]

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BREWD software makes business decisions less filling for breweries

“Expanding into more breweries is the short term goal, but in the near future Jackovin thinks BREWD has potential for other markets. “I’d like to see BREWD become a market leader for brewery management software, but I’d also like to see us move into distilleries and wineries,” Jackovin said. “[Cannabis] dispensaries could be an interesting […]

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Brewers Association Announces Best Practices Guidance for Managing Malting Barley

“Brewers Association (BA) technical committee has published best practice guidance Managing Malting Barley and Grains Supply Chain Quality, intended to increase understanding, scrutiny and accountability at all levels of the North American malting barley, wheat and grains supply chain.” Read more here: Brewers Association Announces Best Practices Guidance for Managing Malting Barley

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Halo and VicinityBrew™ Partner to Create Innovative Demand Forecasting Solution for Beverage Suppliers

“Halo, the supply chain intelligence company, today announced the integration of its fast-growing demand forecasting software, SkuBrain, with VicinityBrew™, the leading enterprise planning system for beverage suppliers. VicinityBrew™ will extend its one-stop-shop capabilities by enabling customers to forecast demand from their historical data and management input – and use that data for production and inventory […]

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Brewers Association Honored as One of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work

“Corporate culture can be difficult to define, but our 58 full-time employees don’t need to look far for inspiration. We take a great deal of pride in mimicking the scrappy, hard-working culture we see in so many of our brewery members. We take an all-hands-on-deck approach to our annual Craft Brewers Conference, Homebrew Con, and […]

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Carlsberg UK announces £15m marketing spend

“Carlsberg said the new approach has been developed following a year-long project comprising exhaustive consumer research, category analysis and trends monitoring. Its aim is to confront the long-term decline seen in the lager category by engaging with the consumer group identified as the most influential and responsible for driving key trends: millennials.” Read more here: […]

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How machine learning can make humans better managers

“With the use of machine learning, companies can ensure that these biases in the workplace, whether inherent or on purpose, are eliminated. Machine learning already has the opportunity to make an impact on people management. Companies like Accenture, SAP, and Deloitte are trading in their traditional performance management ratings and rankings systems for technologies that […]

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Noblesville resident Sean Webster starts Monon Beverage Brokers (IN)

“It has been my life for nearly eight years now,” the Noblesville resident said. “I started this business because I wanted to provide a service in an industry that I really like a lot. There are so many breweries out there that they just need a little extra love and push on them and they […]

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Work–life balance is key to career longevity

““Without balance, long-term success is unsustainable,” said Christian Troy, founder of Indie Wineries, a wine import and distribution company that works with nearly 2,000 on- and off-premise accounts. “The idea that one can be out each night, or that one is always reachable, or completely dialed in at all times on social media — if […]

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