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Maybe it’s time to #reconsider the brand #hashtag

“Brand hashtags, however, rarely build anything because people, even millennials, have better things to do than blithely support and spread forced consumerism via awkward phrases. And besides, since brand hashtags are often created by social media morons with zero understanding of branding, the messages are muddled, often completely incoherent, and even get turned against the […]

53% of Women Made Purchases Due to Influencer Posts (Survey)

“Bloglovin, a media platform that connects consumers with their favorite influencers, surveyed more than 20,000 women to get a better understanding of what makes influencer posts most successful. While more than 60 percent indicated that the influencer content needed to be genuine or they wouldn’t engage, more than one-half have of the women surveyed by […]

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10 Rules for Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Business

“Whether you’re a social butterfly, or you’re apprehensive when it comes to vociferously communicating with others in a public space, there are some inherent rules to follow when it comes to social media. Not only will this help you enhance your social media skills by growing your base of fans and followers, but it’ll also […]

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Don’t Be Fooled by Your Number of Followers: How to Really Wield Influence

“The first thing to understand about influence is the difference between a large following and one that truly believes in what the influencer is touting. For the moment, at least, it’s safe to assume that Phelps’ followers would be excited about anything he put his name on. On the flip side, consider Instagram sensation Jen […]

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Brands aren’t giving up on Twitter just yet, but they are shifting their focus

““We’ve always looked across the spectrum, talked to our customers where they are and never gone all-in on one platform versus another,” he said. “But since our brands and properties lend themselves to visual content, more customers are now talking to us on platforms like Instagram than before.” Brands routinely take to Twitter to jump in […]

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Shareworthy, Not Shareable: How to Make an Impact in the Era of Constant Content

“But being shareable simply answers the question, “Can they share it?” Of course they can, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is worth sharing. That’s a much more difficult qualitative judgment to make, but it’s the important one to attempt. The real question that begs to asked is: Is it shareworthy? The common misconception […]

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Here’s what you should know about Instagram’s new user settings

“Another nice touch is Instagram’s new account control feature. The company announced that users with private accounts need not simply block unwanted followers but can actually remove them entirely. “Going forward, if your account is private, you can remove followers by going to your list of followers and tapping the … menu next to any […]

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Tales from the Marketing Trenches: Snapchat Geofilters

“The willingness to experiment is key, she said. “With Snapchat, there’s great potential there, and we’re diving in at the beginning to a certain degree. But, [we’re still cautious] because we like to know that our money is working and that ads are landing with the right people.” “ Read more here: Tales from the […]

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Facebook Analytics for Apps Adds Time Zones, Hourly Charts

“You can now set a time zone on the settings page of Analytics for Apps. You can get to the settings page by clicking the gear icon at the upper-right corner of your screen. Once you set your time zone, viewing any metrics for a date range will be based on this time zone you […]

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Social media ‘increasingly important’ for product launches

““Social media has become the most important way to generate buzz for new products and services before they appear. Shareable content and social engagement allow brands to create a groundswell of pre-launch interest in a way no other channel can match.” And Five by Five strategy director Michelle Mitchell added: “Deadlines have got tighter, and costs […]

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5 Research-Backed Techniques to Develop Your Social Strategy

“The very first step toward a successful social strategy is to have a documented strategy–many people fail at getting results from social media due to lack of a documented strategy. Since there’s no documented strategy, they have no idea what role a certain action plays as a part of their overall game plan. According to […]

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8 Ways To Boost Sales Using Social Media This Small Business Saturday

“On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #ShopSmall to allow customers to easily find information about your business and to alert them that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday. And use the hashtag yourself to search social media for other ideas for promoting your small business during this busy time of year.” Read more […]

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