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When Should You Send Your Beer Back Where It Came From?

“Last weekend, Maine-based beer blogger Carla Jean Lauter tweeted a story about frustrating service at a craft beer bar. The bartender repeatedly let draft beer come into contact with the faucet as he filled the glass, and when it was pointed out to him, he offered the very weak theory that everything was fine because the tap lines had recently been cleaned. Things went downhill from there, as he compounded his ignorance with sexism, because anyone dumb enough to think clean draft lines mitigate against whatever airborne toxic sludge afflicts the exterior of the nozzle is dumb enough to think beer expertise is a gendered trait.

So let‚Äôs address this all in order of importance. First: Is sexism a problem in craft beer? Yes, because craft beer exists on planet Earth. Second: Just how serious was his actual beer crime, and what form of redress is the victim justified in seeking?”

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When Should You Send Your Beer Back Where It Came From?