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Limited Ed. Whiskies Changing Market For Super Premium Spirits

Photo courtesy Forbes

Photo courtesy Forbes

““The growth in whiskey’s popularity in the last five years has created opportunities for niche products,” noted David M. Ozgo, Senior Vice President, Economic and Strategic Analysis for the Distilled Spirits Council. “Distillers have responded with a variety of offerings that include brands from the growing craft segment, new offerings from the world’s historic distilleries and limited edition expressions from historic brands. These new expressions allow the kinds of unique experiences that the modern consumer demands.”

Depending on the goals of the producer, limited edition whiskies can either be set apart from the core bottlings of the brand by an unusual age statement, a special mash bill, or barrel aging that is in some way different from the more classic bottlings it produces. Whatever differentiates it, the market seems to be thirsty for more and more each year.”

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