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Battling Oxidation in the Winery (More at VinePair)

Photo courtesy VinePair

Photo courtesy VinePair

“First, they move their wines sparingly. Most wines are fermented in large tanks rather than barrels, so the first winter task for many winemakers is moving wine from one vessel to another to start the aging process. Really, this is all about hoses and pumps, which winemakers connect to tanks so wine can be moved sans spilling from a 20,000-liter tank to small barrels, which hold about 200 liters on average. Above all, moving wine is time consuming because someone needs to watch each barrel so it won’t overfill, and then they need to quickly seal the barrel off. For small operations without extra space, wine is often shipped on tanker trucks — just like the ones that transport home heating oil — to warehouses and storage facilities where the process is carried out. Doing these transfers quickly and accurately limits the contact the wine has with air.”

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Battling Oxidation in the Winery