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Guinness Is So Old Its Original Recipe Didn’t Include Yeast

Photo courtesy Observer

Photo courtesy Observer

“The long-time traditions of Guinness, however, have not hindered progress. Rather, they’ve helped improve it. The brewery has released more new beers in the last three years than they have in the last 15. And last year, the Guinness Brewer’s Project was launched as a smaller brewery on the St. James’s Gate property as a way to focus on new, innovative beers. The first two brews to come out of this lab were actually inspired by recipes taken directly from Arthur Guinness’ 1801 brewer’s notebook, and the labels for some of these new beers have historical significance as well. Back in the 1800s each pub was tasked with designing their own label because Guinness only brewed, not bottled. In the archive lies books containing hundreds of labels, which the team went back to for inspiration when designing the bottles for new beers, such as Guinness Extra Stout.”

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Guinness Is So Old Its Original Recipe Didn’t Include Yeast—Here’s Why That Matters