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Tequila & mezcal… what’s happening? (The Drinks Business)

Photo courtesy The Drinks Business

Photo courtesy The Drinks Business

“Imagine if of the many hundreds of varieties of tomato, apple, banana , the EU legislated only ONE type was permitted to be called Tomato / Apple / Banana.
That’s exactly what’s happened in Mexico where the CRT (Consejo Regulador Tequila) sets the rules  determining what plant can be used to make Tequila, what states are entitled supply agave, and where it may be distilled, and how it may be made… Interestingly, very recently the Mexican Authorities have invited a Spanish Quality Control organisation to tender and it looks like they will also also be allowed to ‘supervise’ the application of the ‘Tequila rules’, thus breaking the CRT monopoly. This may go down very well in some circles, and not so well in others.”

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Tequila & mezcal… what’s happening?