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Brewers giving hoppy beers extra kick with concentrated hops

Photo courtesy Draft

Photo courtesy Draft

“Whether they’re imparting notes of grapefruit, pine, mango, melon or otherwise, the hops that flavor a beer usually arrive at a brewery in one of three forms: as cones, plucked from the vine and unmolested save some light kilning; as liquid extract composed of pure bittering acids or aromatic oils; or as small pellets created by grinding and mashing whole cones. That third format is the most common, but it’s also messy; hops are sticky and tend to gum up the machinery used to pulverize them. Usually the resiny residue—or “hash,” as it’s come to be known—is scraped off and added back into the stream to become more pellets, but it also has intriguing brewing potential.”

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Some brewers are giving their hoppy beers an extra kick with a concentrated form of hops