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Quality to Price Ratio: The Value of Wine versus The Cost of Wine

Photo courtesy The Pour Fool

Photo courtesy The Pour Fool

“If you get married to one style of wine and one price point or one region, the ONLY real result is that you’re going to miss a LOT of great wines. Nowadays, Argentina is producing some of the best QPR wines in the world. South Africa, ditto. And Spain is the all-time QPR champ, spewing out 90+ wines for under $20 like a fire hose. If you’ve fallen for the French toe-hold-saving propaganda that says there is no real wine but French wine, you may want to get out of that rut, like right now. And, for the love of God, DO NOT become one of these tedious people who pontificate about _________ wines being the best in the world if all you’ve ever tasted is the wines of __________ region.”

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QPR: The Value of Wine versus The Cost of Wine