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The Pink-Hued Appeal of Hibiscus Beer

“Though most commonly incorporated into saisons and goses, hibiscus shows up in other styles, too. Boston’s Night Shift brews an IPA called JoJo with hibiscus while The Veil Brewing in Richmond, Va. has a hibiscus-grapefruit Session IPA called #ladybroz. Stone recently made a one-off Belgian Strong Ale called Hibiscusicity and Queens’ SingleCut brew a tart lager with it called Kim.

Besides floral notes and a gentle sharpness—the upshot of the flower’s naturally high level of organic acids—the most glaring quality hibiscus adds to beer is its striking pinkish hue. It can be reminiscent of a richly colored rosé or agua de Jamaica itself, and it’s one of the primary reasons brewers love it.”

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The Pink-Hued Appeal of Hibiscus Beer