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You’ll be drinking brewers’ ‘safe’ craft beer in 2017

“They also seem to want a little more value for their dollar, which led to a bit of an identity crisis for the folks at Manhattan, Kansas-based Tallgrass Brewing Co. Long built around 16-ounce cans with flashy graphic illustrations, Tallgrass has informed drinkers that it’s going to be transitioning its entire line to 12-ounce cans. Why, you ask? Because the 16-ounce can is still a bit of an odd fit in an industry where the standard is 12, and the added cost of producing them increasingly isn’t worth the consumer’s ire for feeling that he or she is getting robbed.

When you see 16-ounce cans out in the wild, with notable exceptions, they typically come in packs of four. However, your standard pack of 12-ounce cans, with notable exceptions, comes in packs of six. The former gives a drinker 64 ounces of beer, while the latter gives them 72. Not only does the consumer feel that he or she is being deprived of that extra 8 ounces, but it doesn’t look good when your $11 16-ounce four-pack of 6.7% ABV IPA is sitting next to someone else’s $11 six-pack of 6.7% ABV IPA.”

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You’ll be drinking brewers’ ‘safe’ craft beer in 2017