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State of the NW Cider Industry

“In early 2015, the Northwest Cider Association (“NWCA”) introduced the 2015 State of the NW Cider Industry (“Prior Survey”) report. The goal of the initial report was to work towards compiling data from prior year production to generate an annual report for the industry. From this starting point, the longer-term goal for the NWCA has been an annual update with greater member participation and identification of possible trends. It was widely agreed that such a report would be useful to Cider Association members in communicating information about the industry to the media and other interested stakeholders.

The Prior Survey was distributed during the summer of 2015. Of the 72 NWCA members polled, 45 responded with partial or full data based on their 2014 operations, with only 15 of those respondents fully completing the survey.

This year, we are proud to present the 2016 State of the NW Cider Industry report with a more robust dataset based on their 2015 operations. Of the 72 NWCA members were polled, we received 64 responses, 52 responded to at least 50% of the questions and 43 completed the survey in full. This significant increase in respondents is a testament to the growing commitment to this survey by our members. Thank you NW Cider Producers and the Portland State University for making this survey possible!”

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State of the NW Cider Industry