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Don’t Dump It! Craft Brewers Put Wastewater to Better Use

“For now, it’s just a test because craft beer made from recycled water is not yet legal to sell in California, but Rey said the Half Moon Bay owners hope to one day to help change that. The company has a legacy committed to sustainability, including its current project to build a new brewery. Their new facility, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018, is rethinking wastewater in a surprising way.

Not only are they taking steps to make their new brewery water thrifty, but Half Moon Bay is also working with their business park manager and local agencies on the “Big Wave Project.” This initiative is working to create a sustainable, residential community for people with disabilities. Part of the plan is to establish a working farm to enable the residents to operate a sustainable business. The initiative will rely on the involvement of tenants in the San Mateo County Business Park such as the brewery, which could possibly provide its grey water for irrigation on the farm.”

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Don’t Dump It! Craft Brewers Put Wastewater to Better Use