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Scotch Whisky’s New American Influence (The Whiskey Wash)

Photo courtesy The Whiskey Wash

Photo courtesy The Whiskey Wash

“Which brings up the concerns over this practice: does it make every whiskey taste too much the same; i.e., like vanilla? And is new oak, which helps age bourbon so much faster than Scotch, being used mainly to speed the aging of whisky in an industry that’s almost desperately short of well-aged stock?

These are valid concerns, especially as some whisky watchers are wondering if the general trend of Scotch is toward a popular middle. The rye finish would seem to steer clear of that issue (though many purists still decry the whole idea of “finishing” whisky), but the use of virgin American oak does put an emphasis on the development of wood character over distillery character.”

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Scotch Whisky’s New American Influence