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FDA and Brewers Association hash out menu labeling details

“The government has actually been quite patient — especially when working with the beer industry to help ease the burden of providing this info, pushing back deadlines. For one, this could create a reporting problem for small breweries that don’t lab test each beer. Plus, there is variation from batch to batch. How will that be handled? And will there need to be information for each size of beer sold?

Then, there is the longer-range impact of beer on menus. Will people now gravitate away from high calorie beer? Will sessions start to take the place of other options? And, of course, concern lies in the cost of compliance. The Cato Institute (an American libertarian think tank headquartered in D.C) has estimated it could cost businesses between $44,000 and $77,000 to comply with these regulations, which includes the restaurant’s food as well.”

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FDA and Brewers Association hash out menu labeling details